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We have organised our resources and information pages using the Boingboing Resilience Framework (2012, adapted from Hart and Blincow with Thomas, 2007). Please visit their website for more information about the Resilience Framework and how to use it:

Boingboing developed the Resilience Framework following research into resilience and work with disadvantaged children and families in an NHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health clinic. It outlines five areas that are important in developing and maintaining resilience: basics (physiological and safety needs); belonging (building an maintaining relationships); learning (academic and life skills); coping (problem-solving and managing emotions); and core self (thoughts and beliefs). For a more detailed explanation of each area and relevant resources, click on the links below.


Basics Belonging Learning Coping Core self


The icons used are taken from the Resilience Framework for Primary School Children which was co-produced by the Resilience Committee at Marton Primary School, Blackpool, with the support of Stephen Donnelly, Graphic Designer from Blackpool Council, and Nathan Parker, Youth Engagement Lead for HeadStart Blackpool. 

Here you can find a breakdown of the framework which may help you to navigate our resources. For example, as you can see above, if you were wanting to find resources on getting enough sleep, you can see that you will find this information under 'Basics'.