Online Safety

Although the use of digital technology can be a great tool for learning and making social connections, is not without risks for children. They may come across inappropriate content or begin to copy what older children or adults do online. We have compiled some suggestions on how to help children and young people have the best experience of going online. 

The UK Government produced guidance on how to protect children online, that you can access here.  

Suggestions for how to talk to your child about online safety  

The following suggestions are based on the government guidance, along with tips from Barnardos and NSPCC.

Be as interested in your child's digital life as you are in their school and social life, by having positive conversations and showing an interest in what their favourite things are about being online. This can be helpful in building trust, meaning your child is more likely to come to you with a problem they encounter online. Try to treat this like a conversation rather than an interrogation or interview. If there are any terms you do not understand, or apps you have not heard of, approach this with curiosity and ask them to show you how it works. 

Discuss what healthy and unhealthy behaviours look like online. Remind them about conversations you may have already had about strangers, and how the strangers you meet online are the same as the strangers in public. Talk to them about what personal information is, giving explicit examples of what they should not share, such as names, locations, phone numbers or schools.  

The NSPCC also sharers age appropriate resources to further support parents with online safety conversations. 

Tools for children and young people

The NSPCC has a variety of tools for children and young people including staying safe online, feeling good on social media and information on privacy settings and how to set them up.

The NSPCC has also produced for tailored advice around online safety for families and children with SEND.

BBC Bitesize have also produced an interactive webpage for CYP complete with information which covers various aspects of navigating the online world - What is online safety? - BBC Bitesize.

Resources for schools

For safer internet day 2024 BBC Teach have produced content including live lessons, quizzes and discussion programmes which cover material appropriate for both primary and secondary pupils. 


Updated 02/02/24