Our Team

The Catalyst Psychology Team includes a number of qualified Educational Psychologists. The delivery of our psychological services is supported in schools by Assistant Psychologists and back in the office by our administrative team. The work of Catalyst Psychology is enhanced through the support of our founding Directors. 

The Team 

 Teresa_Regan.jpg  Heather_Minshull.JPG  Paula_Muir.JPG

Teresa Regan

Heather Minshull

Paula Muir

Managing Director Educational Psychologist Educational Psychologist

Denise Marriott

May Tipler-Noble

  Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant 


 Emma_Barrows.JPG                                                                       linda.jpg       

 Kerry-Ann Brown

Emma Barrow   

Linda Goodacre

Assistant Psychologist Assistant Psychologist Partner Psychologist


 Lindsey_Leggett.jpg Tim_Watson.jpg  Vicki_Harold.JPG 

Lindsey Leggett

Tim Watson

Vikki Harold

Partner Psychologist Partner Psychologist Partner Psychologist

Pauline Mellor

Caroline Bond 

Partner Psychologist Partner Psychologist   



 Colin_Beech.jpg richard.jpg  Maria_Heffernan.jpg 

Colin Beech

 Richard Pearce

Maria Heffernan 

Chair of directors  Director Strategic Director 

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