Michael Palmer

Michael completed his training to be an Educational Psychologist (EP) at the University of Birmingham in 2019. During his training, Michael completed a thesis exploring how EPs and Paediatricians work together during the autism diagnostic process. Before starting his training, Michael worked as a Behaviour and Mental Health Support Officer in social-care hubs in Wolverhampton and as an academy based Assistant Psychologist.

Since qualifying, Michael has worked for Birmingham City Council and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. He is interested in working directly with families and has delivered a range of interventions and support as the allocated EP for all secondary stage Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) in Birmingham. Michael also leads in the delivery of a national special interest group that aims to promote children’s positive online engagement by understanding how patterns of problematic internet behaviours interact with additional needs. Michael has delivered well received presentations on these topics at the Division of Educational Psychology and Association of Educational Psychologists national conferences.

In his work, Michael places emphasis on the child in context by applying ecological and psychodynamic perspectives. He is interested in working with a range of partner agencies to help to ensure improved outcomes for children