Hannah McHugh

Senior Educational Psychologist

Hannah qualified as an educational psychologist from the University of Manchester in 2005.  She worked for 14 years in a local authority, delivering link psychology services to a range of settings, including pre-school providers, primary and secondary schools and specialist provisions for children with ASC and complex learning needs. She has specialism in and held additional responsibility in the area of Early Years.  As part of the role, she chaired multi-agency planning meetings and worked as the link educational psychologist for the Child Development Service.

Since moving to Catalyst, Hannah has continued to develop her commitment to early intervention and supporting the development of relationships between children and the key adults in their lives.  She has recently completed her initial training in Video Interactive Guidance (VIG) and is in the process of training to become an accredited VIG practitioner. 

As a senior psychologist, Hannah jointly manages and coordinates the assistant psychology programme: developing interventions and providing on-going training and supervision for assistant psychologists.