Catalyst have collated sleep hygiene tips recommended by researchers for children, teenagers and adults. They can be downloaded here

This resource, The Goodnight Guide for Children, explains the technicalities for a good night’s sleep in accessible language with great illustrations.

The Sleep Council has advice and support for good sleep hygiene for children and specific information for children with SEND. The Teen Sleep hub has resources for teens, parent/carer and schools. While The Sleep Foundation share comprehensive information on the importance of your child's sleep schedule, possible disruptions of sleep and tips for ensuring a good night sleep.

The Tide app contains several different features to aid sleep, a lot of which can be accessed for free. Users can choose from a selection of relaxing sleep-aid soundscapes which can be played indefinitely or for set amounts of time. Guided mindfulness and meditation activities and mini exercises such as body scans and guided breathing are available, as are short articles on topics such as “four ways to have a good sleep”. The app also allows you to track your sleep time and quality, helping you identify whether any changes need to be made to improve your sleep routine and hygiene.


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Updated 26/02/2024