Applied Psychology for Teaching and Learning Assistants

Applied Psychology for Teaching and Learning Assistants is a 6-session course offering a mix of content relevant to the work of teaching assistants who support children with SEN, together with opportunities to share ideas and reflect on practice through case studies. 

This course has been accredited by NCFE as a Level 2 course. A Level 2 course is at the level of a GCSE. This course is recognised as prior learning for those who wish to progress onto other accredited qualifications.

Feedback from current participants, and their sponsoring school, has been extremely positive.


Session 1: Understand the Nature/Nurture debate and its implications for learning; recognise different Theories of Intelligence and Styles of Learning

Session 2: Understand Theories of Cognitive Development

Session 3: Understand aspects of Typical Development

Session 4: Understand Theory of Mind and aspects of Atypical Development relating to ASD and ADHD

Session 5: Understand aspects of Atypical Development relating to Dyslexia

Session 6: Understand factors that relate to mental health and social and emotional well being



The cost is £300 per person per course (this is equivalent to £50 per 3-hour session)


Who is the course for?

Teaching/Learning Assistants in schools and colleges

Do I have to have any qualifications to join?

No, just be able to access and complete a course at Level Two (GCSE level)

Do I get a professional teaching/learning assistant qualification?

No, this course forms part of CPD: Continuous Professional Development; the aim is to increase knowledge and to enhance and practice skills (see course outline).

We are applying for the course to be accredited by NCFE; successful candidates will achieve an NCFE Level 2 Customised Award in Applied Psychology for Teaching and Learning Assistants

 Will I have to sit an exam?

No, the course is portfolio based; you build up a file of evidence of your learning

 Where and when will the course be held?

At the Parsonage Gardens, Didsbury, 6 sessions: one every half term over 3 school/college terms. "Bespoke" courses can also be booked for delivery at your own school or college.

More information

For further information contact Linda Goodacre or Teresa Regan by email: [email protected]