Heather Minshull

Senior Educational Psychologist  

Heather qualified as an educational psychologist from the University of Bristol.  She subsequently worked in both rural and urban communities in the counties of Essex and Sussex.  Prior to joining Catalyst Psychology, Heather spent six years providing core and traded educational psychology services to a portfolio of schools in the Wigan area.

Heather is an experienced practitioner has provided consultancy to leadership teams on to develop strategic frameworks to enhance their capability to support vulnerable / SEN pupils.  Heather promotes the use of partnership working between schools and settings and their families to ensure that positive outcomes are achieved for children, so that they can thrive, enjoy and achieve at home, at school and within their wider community.  Heather has extensive experience, in working in specialist settings, for children and young people who have significant needs associated with social, emotional and mental health.

Heather has a strong background in multi-agency working.  She has worked with partner professionals, from health, education and social care as part of the Wigan Pathfinder project. Heather is skilled at providing guidance and advice to address issues associated with children and young people with complex needs.  During her time at Wigan, Heather spent two days a week working within the Tier 2 CAMHS, Primary Child Mental Health Team. There, she engaged designing ad providing packages of support and direct work to families in difficulty, to build their skills and life resilience.  Heather has provided extensive training to childcare professionals.  Most recent training has focused on areas that include Attachment Theory,   Bereavement and Loss and Impact of Domestic Violence on Children.  Heather is trained on the Assessment, Intervention and Management (AIM) of Children with Sexualised Behaviour, for children aged 0 to 11.

Heather has developed a strong interest in building the skills of parents who adopt.  She has been a member of Wigan Warrington and St Helens (WWISH) for several years. 

Heather is committed to the professional development of the educational psychology profession. She is a member of the National Executive for the Association of Educational Psychologists, providing support and advice to members on employment and professional matters.