Belonging Matters Charter Mark

The Belonging Matters Charter Mark is an award that recognises schools that are offering the best possible experience for children who have been displaced from their home countries by war or conflict. The main focus is children on the recognised resettlement pathways from Hong Kong, Afghanistan or Ukraine, but the principles, advice and strategies have wider application for all International New Arrivals.

Who is the Charter Mark for?

The Belonging Matters Charter Mark can be achieved by any school able to demonstrate that they have developed or improved their practice, following a process of data collection and action planning. The process is described in more detail below.

This project will provide a psychology-led team to facilitate the award for 40 schools in Greater Manchester, at least 4 in each of the 10 Greater Manchester Authorities (Rochdale, Oldham, Tameside, Stockport, Wigan, Trafford, Salford, Bury, Bolton and Manchester). 

Will we have to pay?

Until March 2025, the Charter Mark is fully funded by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities. There is therefore no charge to participating schools.

What is involved? What are the expectations of schools? How much time does it take?

The Charter Mark process uses action research methodology involving data collection, feedback and goal setting (an action plan), support to implement change, re-evaluation and review. If the post-intervention data shows evidence of measurable change, the Charter Mark is awarded.

The whole process from start to finish may take around 23 weeks ( approximately 3 or 4 half terms), with an implementation period expected to last around 10 weeks (1 term).

This is a whole school systemic approach requiring the active engagement of Senior Leaders, including the Headteacher.

Data collection includes:
  • School information 
  • 2 focus groups 
    • Parent focus group – Parents of children resettling from Hong Kong, Afghanistan or Ukraine 
    • Pupil focus group –Children resettling from Hong Kong, Afghanistan or Ukraine
  • Online Questionnaires for: 
    • All teaching and non-teaching staff
    • Parents of children resettling from Hong Kong, Afghanistan or Ukraine 
    • Children resettling from Hong Kong, Afghanistan or Ukraine 

Project funding includes interpreters/translators

Our data protection and privacy statements can be viewed here (click link): Belonging Matters data protection and privacy

What are we measuring?

The initial data collection will identify the school's baseline or starting points in each area, and the project team will support the Senior Leadership team in school to identify their development goals in each area. This means that the Charter Mark can be achieved through demonstrating improvement from any starting point.

How can we register our interest or book a place on the project?

We have the capacity to work with up to 40 schools between April 2024 and March 2025. We are aiming to work with 4 schools in each of the 10 GM Authorities. This means that schools may be prioritised based on their location. Applications will be processed on a 'first come' basis. If more than 4 schools apply in any LA, a waiting list will be maintained. The first cohort of schools will begin work in April 2024. A rolling programme of schools will then start and finish as capacity arises. The final cohort of schools will begin work in November 2024.

Complete the booking form online here:

Charter Mark Booking Form

For further information please contact Paula Muir: [email protected]