Secondary Peer Listening

This is a Wave 2 programme for a small group of young people. The same programme can be focused around an individual child with more significant needs as part of a Wave 3 programme of SEND support.


Area of development: Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Age/phase: Key Stage 3 

Suitable for: A group of up to 3 young people who will benefit from support to develop their relationships with their peers

Cost: £375 per group/£350 per individual child (pay as you go) or 1 day equivalent from your contracted time

Start dates: any day in the weeks commencing 1st June, 8th June, 15th June


Through this intervention we aim to build motivation, social awareness, empathy and self-regulation of target pupils, thereby improving their responses to social situations and ability to support one another. We will provide a summary report at the end of the programme in order to help you plan next steps.


The Assistant Psychologist will meet with the group of pupils on a weekly basis for 1 hour to cover the following:

  1. Raising motivation and building co-operative skills; icebreaker and strengths building activities
  2. Developing social awareness; identifying the qualities of a good listener and introducing ‘empathy’ through role play
  3. Developing social skills and empathy; being able to reflect back and use open questions to support others
  4. Developing problem solving around conflict/challenging situations; exploring thoughts, feelings and behaviours associated with conflict
  5. Developing self-regulation strategies for managing conflict across contexts; what can I do to help? What can I do to help others?

 If you would like to discuss this programme with a member of the team, please contact Heather Minshull, Senior Educational Psychologist: [email protected]