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How can I find out about previous referrals?

How can I find out if a child has been previously referred for funded Educational Psychology support?

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The referral list is held by Sue Posada, Senior Educational Psychologist.

Sue can be contacted by email or by phone on 07904533762.

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Do we pay for EP involvement with under 5s?

As a school, do we have to pay for educational psychology involvement for children under the age of 5?

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For children in Foundation Stage (Nursery) classes schools are expected to use the totality of their budget to develop a continuum of SEN provision across the school that meets SEN of pupils in the school including those in Nursery. Access to an Educational Psychologist should be seen as part of this SEN provision.

For children in a Private, Voluntary or Independent setting, Children’s Centre, or at home the Local Authority commissions Educational Psychology involvement from One Education.

If Educational Psychology involvement has started with a child and continues on admission to nursery then support is funded. If child has been referred and accepted but not seen before nursery, the support is funded.

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