Plan out your future

This page provides resources for schools and parents to download to support children young people in planning out their futures. At different ages, planning for the future can take different shapes.  

For younger children, planning their futures can mean starting to recognize that the adults in their lives have different jobs. This can start by introducing the different vocabulary related to jobs and occupations, and this video here is a great resource to do that.  

There is a great book called, ‘What Do Grown-ups Do All Day’ by Virginie Morgand which introduces different workplaces and the jobs you can do. The National Literacy Trust designed an interactive session around the book which you can access here. There is also a video version of the book which you can access in two parts. Part one is here, and part two is here 

For older children, planning their futures can involve both starting to recognize their skills and starting to consider the roles they would like to work in. UCAS have a downloadable Careers Plan for KS3 children to ‘introduce them to career choices, GCSE options, and even look ahead to university’ 

All children and young people can benefit from setting goals and building resilience. A great video for younger children on goal setting and self-management can be found on Youtube here. There’s also a video which breaks down goal setting into easy steps here.