Kindness Jar Activity

Kindness jar activity – random acts of kindness 

We have found inspiration for this kindness jar activity from the ‘Kindness Snippet Jar’ written and illustrated by Diane Alber. This activity can be done at home or at school. In order to do the activity you will need a jar and snippets of paper. Every time someone in the classroom or house does something kind, encourage the recipient of the kindness to write it on a snippet of paper. If the recipient is unable to write this themselves, then the facilitator of the kindness jar can help them to do this. The facilitator can also write their own to ensure all group members are included. When the jar is full, you can create a display on the wall, or pass the snippets out and let the group members see all the kind things they have done! 

This activity can be tailored to suit any age group, and can also be tailored for remote learning. You can use a physical jar, or use Google Jamboard, which is an Google app that people can collaborate on. You can send a collaborator link to your group, and add sticky notes to represent the snippets. You need a google account to use Jamboard. 

Google Jamboard link

Snippet Jar Document to print 

For younger pupils at school and home, it may be fun to read the book to them, or let them watch the video of the book that inspired the activity. This can help introduce the activity.