Bridges for Transition

This can be delivered as a Wave 2 intervention for a group of children, or as a Wave 3 intervention for an individual


Area of development: Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Age/phase: All key stages

Delivered with: Individual child or small group (up to 4 children)

Cost: Group pay as you go: £375                Within contract equivalent: 1 day of your contracted time

Individual pay as you go: £350 per pupil      Within contract equivalent: 1 day of your contracted time

Start dates: any day in the weeks commencing 18th May, 1st June, 8th June, 15th June

This is a 5 session programme


Through this intervention, children will develop greater confidence in the following competencies, which are important in managing transitions effectively: feeling prepared, feeling organised, feeling resilient, feeling understood and feeling supported


This is a 5-session programme delivered by an Assistant Psychologist supervised closely by a Senior Educational Psychologist. for children and young people about to experience changes such as moving to a new school, reintegration into a setting or approaching key transitions such as starting high school. The programme is flexible to address the needs of the young person, and is outcomes- focused.

If you would like to discuss this programme with a member of the team, please email Heather Minshull, Senior Educational Psychologist: [email protected]