Anti-Racism Resources

As part of the mission of Catalyst Psychology, we aim to provide a safe environment for people of colour* which promotes understanding, acceptance and being listened to in a way that is meaningful and genuine. The following organisations and resources are groups within the UK that can provide support to families and individuals.  

Rainbow noir LGBTQI / POC are a volunteer led social, peer support and community action group, which celebrates and platforms people of colour who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Queer and/or Intersex (LGBTQI). Provides a voice for LGBTQI people of colour in Greater Manchester and the North West.  

Antony Walker Foundation. Offer support services such as reporting hate crime. For schools, there are also Educational services such as workshops (at a cost).  

Southall black sisters. This page has advice regarding immigration for women in abusive relationships.  

Kids of colour - Manchester based charity that work with children of colour and have a support group for children to join. They aim to explore ‘race’ identity and culture, supporting young people to challenge institutionalized racism.  


Our aim at Catalyst psychology is to develop our understanding of the lived experiences of people of colour* and the structural inequalities existing in society. The following resources are some examples of the resources that explore lived experiences that are available to read, watch and listen to.

To Study/Learn 

The British Psychological Society has an 'Inclusion Webinar Series: Decolonising The Curriculum' available for free on BPS learn. This is primarily aimed at psychologists, researchers, students, trainees and the general public. To access you will need to set up an account on BPS learn. 

An article from Runnymede trust on decolonising the curriculum- Runnymede are an independent think tank for a multi-ethnic britain. 

To Watch

BBC IPlayer (available online with a TV license) - Panorama: Lets talk about race 

in this program, Naga Munchetty travels across the country to understand what race and racism mean in the UK today.

Channel 4 (available online) - The school that tried to end racism

A documentary series that follows a British school as it helps its students explore hidden racial biases, exploring how this can affect us all and what we can do to tackle it

Ear for an eye 

Debbie Tucker Green's examination of the black experience by UK and US individuals as they navigate their way through today's society.

To Listen

The Guardian - Revisited: Britain's reckoning with its racist past

An examination of race and racism after a summer of protests across the world in reaction to the killing of George Floyd.

Resources for schools 

The Black Curriculum are a social enterprise that works with schools to provide support for schools to help children access people of colours history and experiences. They deliver arts focused Black history programmes, provide teacher training and support campaigning. Their programmes are for all young people aged 8-16 and aims to equip young people with a sense of identity, and the tools for a diverse landscape.



*A note on language terminology – we are mindful that people have different ways of identifying themselves and ways they prefer to be described. Here we use the term people of colour to describe people who self-identify as existing within an ethnic minoritized group/community.