Educational Psychology Practice with Vulnerable Families

Educational Psychology Practice with Vulnerable Families

A Study Day for Educational Psychologists

Facilitator: Sue Morris CPsychol AFBPsS    Educational Psychology Programme Director, University of Birmingham

Cost: £35 per person including lunch

This event is now fully booked.


Against the background of the 2011 Troubled Families programme, this study day will explore current definitions and functions of ‘the family’ within the context of superdiversity which increasingly characterizes the UK (and other developed Western societies).

‘Vulnerability’ will be considered within a dynamic framework of family lifespan development, and a systemic / bioecological perspective on the primary mechanisms through which the risk and protective influences to which communities, family members and family units will be prey are mediated and moderated.

 While it will be recognized that all families are potentially vulnerable within the rapidly changing social, economic and political landscape, the force field most relevant in perpetuating disadvantage for particular groups will be subject to particular scrutiny, with attention given to poverty and social exclusion, domestic violence and abuse, mental distress and the impact of learning difficulties and disabilities within families.

Throughout the day, a strength-based, community psychology orientation will be used to conceptualize the needs of families and consider steps which educational psychologists can take within their day-to-day practice to empower families and facilitate more adaptive functioning of family members.

Target audience - Educational Psychologists

Learning outcomes and objectives

Participants will:

  • consider landmark policy documents, research and theoretical perspectives that are most relevant to conceptualizing and addressing the needs of children and families who / which may be vulnerable to poor outcomes, social exclusion and / or distress;
  • consider the role and functioning of the Family Courts in safeguarding children’s, parents’ and wider families’ rights and best interests;
  • review the mechanisms through which trans-generational disadvantage is mediated, and ways in which universal and targeted applied psychology interventions can best offset risks and harness the strengths of individuals, families and communities; and
  • having explored the bases of ‘vulnerability’ from a bioecological / systemic perspective, exchange, critique and develop theoretically-grounded applied psychology strategies through which participants can, within their very diverse work settings, develop their practice in ways most likely to enhance family functioning.


July 16, 2015 at 9:30am - 4:30pm
The Old Parsonage, Didsbury
Stenner Lane
Manchester M20 2RQ
United Kingdom
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Teresa Regan · · 07597990484

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