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December 2018

Wheel of Apps to support Emotional Health and Well-Being

Wheel of Apps (secondary)

Wheel of Apps (primary)

The design of this app wheel is based on CALL Scotland’s iPad Apps for Learners with Dyslexia/ Reading and Writing Difficulties.

Curated by Ruby Noble, Assistant Psychologist.

This wheel contains a selection of apps available on Google Play and the Apple Store that empower individuals to develop their own emotional intelligence. The following criterion were used in order to select appropriate apps:

1) The contents of the app must be based on scientific research that indicates its effectiveness.

2) The app must have received a star rating of no less than 3.5 on either Google Play or the Apple Store.

3) There must be no option to access within-app messaging or online communities.

4) The app must be free to use.

Application of these criteria means that all apps are evidence-based and user friendly and ensures that users have equal access regardless of socioeconomic status and are protected with regard to online safety.

Some apps have sections that address multiple categories included in the wheel, but in order to save space they have been placed in the category that is most relevant to the app.

In the electronic version of this chart, blue app names are hyperlinks that take you to the individual app’s page on the Google Play site in the UK. All links work at time of production of this chart in September 2018.

A Good Education For All

Consider watching this passionate plea by Emma Hardy MP as she outlines the need for an adequately funded inclusive education system for all: