Finding where you belong

Finding where you belong

This section includes the following areas of the Resilience Framework:

Find somewhere you feel like you belong Find your place in the world Understand what has happened in your life


It is important that children in Year 6 and other key transitions such as Year 11 and Year 13 have an opportunity to engage in activities that enable them to process the endings in their relationship with their school and teachers as well as classmates. The Anna Freud Centre produced a useful resource during the Coronavirus pandemic to support pupils to manage change during periods of disruption which can be downloaded here.

Research indicates that going to a new school is a time when children of colour may particularly experience racism and bullying. It is a time when it is especially important to develop a sense of belonging and to be able to make friends and become part of new groups securely. The Back to School Assembly produced by Into Film is a brilliant set of short film clips with discussion points to support transitions, most suitable for children in Year 6 and Year 7 but which could be adapted for many transitions across a broader age range (7 - 14). It features positive characters from a range of backgrounds and covers topics such as Making New Friends, Believing in Yourself and Working Together. All the film clips include children of colour in significant roles. This is a very rich set of ideas and discussion points that would be well used across a number of sessions. 


Racial identity

There are renewed for greater recognition of the need to decolonise the curriculum. Teachers of children Key Stage 2 and beyond should be prepared for a level of questioning and challenge. The website Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Educators has a wide range of resources by educators for educators, including a range of information about decolonising the curriculum. “How to be antiracist” for educators is a fabulous set of resources curated on the Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Educators website. It includes lesson ideas for teachers of different age groups and a range of resources accessible to all.

Embrace Race is an American organisation that “aims to nurture resilience in children of colour”. Their website contains a range of ideas and information about supporting communities of colour. One such resource is their list of diverse children’s books. During the Coronavirus pandemic they produced race-conscious resources for children and families

Into film is an organisation that puts film at the heart of the educational and personal development of children and young people. They have curated a set of films and resources to support the work of schools in talking about racism. We can particularly recommend these resources supporting the film Selma, suitable for secondary aged pupils.