Exercise and fresh air

Incorporating exercise and and fresh air in a daily routine is an important component to a healthy lifestyle. For children and young people there are many health benefits which regular exercise and fresh air can support both physically and mentally. 


It’s important to encourage your child and find activities they enjoy as fostering their interests improves commitment and engagement in activities. Activities your child might enjoy will be unique to them and could involve joining a club, having sports lessons or spending time with family and friends in the outdoors. Below are some ideas of how to enjoy our outdoor spaces and some information on what is on offer in your local area. 

Sports, Activities and Fitness 

The Manchester city council website, MCRActive has a dedicated page for free and low cost physical activities across Manchester with many classes which can be accessed by young people at venues across Manchester. 

Hideout Manchester also provide some great low cost activities and groups for children and young people 8+. 

Walking to school 

The charity living streets shares a variety of initiatives and information for schools and families to encourage walking to school. 

School Holidays 

Manchester city councils loads to do website shares a guide on school holidays in Manchester listing all the fun activities and family friendly events going on in Manchester during your next holiday break and well as an A-Z guide on places to go.

Green Spaces

Every child in Manchester lives within a short walk of a green space. To find the nearest park or green space, go to the parks and open spaces page on the Manchester Council website, put in your school or home postcode, and you will see a map with all parks marked. Beneath the map are the names of the parks/open spaces, exact location and other information such as opening times. 

The Field Studies Council have designed a number of activities to help children feel connected to the world around them. Children can create a sound map in a park or garden, collect items with an outdoor scavenger hunt or make a weather diary

Wildlife watching 

The team at Catalyst would like to thank Chloe, who has submitted her blog to our website team. It is a handy guide for how to build a wildlife watching room in your garden. This is an excellent way to connect to the world around you in your garden. 

You can reach her blog from the link here.

Also another great addition to any wilderness walk is The Seek app. This app allows you to observe and learn about a variety of species across your local area with a quick photo as well as producing challenges each month for you to complete for achievement badges. 

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Last update: 02/02/24