Exercise and fresh air

Every child in Manchester lives within a short walk of a green space. To find the nearest park or green space, go to the neighbourhood information on the Manchester Council website, put in your school postcode, and filter on the link for ‘parks and open spaces’. You will see a map with all parks marked. Beneath the map are the names of the parks/open spaces, exact location and other information such as opening times. 


The Field Studies Council have designed a number of activities to help children feel connected to the world around them. Children can create a sound map in a park or garden, collect items with an outdoor scavenger hunt or make a weather diary


Wildlife watching 

The team at Catalyst would like to thank Chloe, who has submitted her blog to our website team. It is a handy guide for how to build a wildlife watching room in your garden. This is an excellent way to connect to the world around you in your garden. 

You can reach her blog from the link here.

The RSPB app allows you to filter for a number of different projects, graded from easy and variable depending on how much time you have.


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