Enough money to live

Helping students understand the value of money is an important step in helping pupils learn how to manage their own money. Understanding and being able to cope with money budgeting can help students cope better with stress. 


Activities for pupils  

When doing any activity where money is discussed, it is important to consider that students may come from households where they worry about money, and do not always have enough money to cover their expenses. Boing Boing’s advice is to not make students discuss any issues about their personal experience of poverty, and do not make them stand out to the rest of the class. 

Natwest have a budgeting game for pupils, and a resource library with Key Stage 2 teaching materials for different money related topics, for example ‘how to plan a simple budget’. Some topics have differentiated resources for pupils with SEND 

Barclays have budgeting activities for families to do together at home, and a full Key Stage 2 lesson plan pack for teachers  

The BBC have a Key Stage 3 lesson plan for balancing a budget, and CBBC Newsround have lesson ideas, and suggestions for allowing children to practice balancing budgets at home.