Conference exhibitors 2023



Public living rooms: Camerados 

The Association of Camerados supports the Camerados movement to create public living rooms, where folk get together and get each other through times. Public living rooms are created by communities for communities and are in; Schools, FE colleges, Universities, libraries, community centres, parks, cafes, hospitals, GP surgeries and online. 

There will be an opportunity to engage with and experience a public living room during the day, and learn more about this movement. 


Think Equal

Think Equal is a global initiative which calls for a system change in education, to end the discriminatory mindset and the cycle of violence across our world and ensure positive life outcomes for children. Think Equal has designed a programme to teach social and emotional learning to early years (3-6-year-olds). They ask governments, policymakers, and school networks to adopt, and ideally mandate, this programme as a new subject from the age of 3: the optimal window to modify attitudes, values and behaviours, based on evidence from neuroscientists.

Manchester Parent Carer Forum

Manchester Parent Carer Forum works to represent the ‘voice’ of parents and carers of children and young people aged 0-25 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). They are a group of volunteer parents and carers. They endeavour to work in partnership with Manchester Local Authority, Education, Health, Social Care and other providers to make sure the services they plan and deliver meet the needs of Manchester families.

The Happy Newspaper

The Happy News for Schools is an initiative launched in September 2020 by The Happy Newspaper, with the main aim of providing schools in the UK with free Happy Newspapers. More than ever, The Happy Newspaper believe that children should be learning about some of the positive things going on in the world. 

We will have a stock of the Happy Newspaper Archives to highlight their work, and share information on the scheme - Thanks to every person who has subscribed to The Happy News, they are able to send 1 FREE NEWSPAPER TO A SCHOOL IN THE UK FOR EVERY 2 NEWSPAPERS SENT TO SUBSCRIBERS.

Any school in the UK can sign up and will be in with a chance of receiving free newspapers each quarter. The initiative is ran like a raffle so all schools will, at some point, receive free newspapers.

Catalyst Refugee & Asylum Seeker Access Programme 

Learn more about our refugee and asylum seeker programme on the day and meet our assistant psychologists who lead on this. Our package offers a consultation with a member of staff and classroom observations to identify what is already in place for new arrivals and where additional support might be needed – this is done using the PAWS model, recommended by The Bell Foundation. In addition, we offer a school visit to complete an ‘All About Me’ profile used to collect key relevant information including the child’s interests, strengths, what challenges they face, cultural traditions, their experience of arriving in the UK, previous education.

We also offer a starter pack containing information about: charities and organisations that support refugee and asylum-seeking families; Bilingual School guides produced for parents including information about how to help their child learn and the English Education System, developed by The Bell Foundation; Communication fans with visuals and survival language; Information about The Bell Foundation assessment framework, used as a cross-curricular tool designed to support teaching and learning by identifying need and enabling teachers to generate better target support to guide pupil progress.


Rogelio is one of the assistant psychologists at Catalyst Psychology. In his current role, he is part of the Refugee Access Project, which provides support for access to education for children of refugee and asylum-seeking communities in Manchester. This includes supporting school staff in their work with children and families from these communities.

Reem Al Tarbaghia is an assistant psychologist at Catalyst Psychology. She joined the team to work for the new pilot programme called the Refugee Access Project. In September, Reem will graduate with a Master's Degree in the Psychology of Education with her dissertation focused on facilitating the sense of belongingness in students who are refugees and asylum-seekers.

Wheel Of Apps

At the conference, we will have an interactive exhibition called the 'Wheel of Apps' (CALL Scotland) in which there will be a chance to try out inclusive digital technologies that aim to develop cognition, communication and social interaction skills for learners who require additional support. You will explore the benefits of using an iPad as part of a responsive environment. 

Catalyst Little library 

Our team and delegates have been invited to nominate the name of their favourite childhood book. A selection of these titles will be displayed for you to browse.