Other professional support

Other professional services

This section includes the following areas of the Resilience Framework:

There is existing help and solutions for problems, use them

There are plenty of support services available for children and young people in Manchester.

Mental health and wellbeing  

Thrive Manchester are a Manchester based charity providing mental health and wellbeing services to young people and their families across Greater Manchester. 

42nd Street are another Manchester based charity providing young-person centred emotional wellbeing and mental health support. Their website is filled with great resources for young people, professionals, and parents and carers. 

For parents and carers wanting to know more about how they can support their child's mental health, Place2Be a charity looking to improve children's mental health, have a webpage dedicated to this with some great advice and resources. 

Manchester Local Offer 

For more information on The Manchester Local Offer and what's on offer from 0-25, visit the Local Offer webpage here

Parent/Carer support 

Community support (Manchester and nationally) 

  • Place2be: Mental Health support in schools.
  • Young Minds: Resources, support and helplines for young people, parents and professionals.
  • Street support network: Connects people and organisations to tackle homelessness in Manchester. 
  • LGBT foundation: advice, resources and support. 
  • Gingerbread: provide information to help single parents support themselves and their family.
  • Kids of colour: Youth spaces for young people of colour, and anti-racism workshops, advocacy and campaigning.

Updated 24-05-2023