Instill a sense of hope

Focus on your strengths and help others to find theirs

Tim suggests taking some time to think about character strengths and what makes us resilient. He has provided some activities that could be adapted for use with your staff teams and/or children and young people. Download Tim's ideas sheet here.

What the research says:

We don't know much about pandemics, but we do know that resilience can be helped by promoting:

  • A sense of safety
  • Calming
  • Sense of self- and collective- efficacy
  • Connectedness
  • Hope

We are making it our mission to promote resilience as best we can by following these principles and helping others to do so too. This is the research paper: Five Essential Elements of Immediate and Mid-term Mass Trauma: Empirical Evidence, Hobfoll et al.

Teacher Resilience

The British Psychological Society has produced a briefing paper ‘Teacher resilience during Coronavirus school closures. You can download the paper here. This paper is offered as a ‘conversation starter’ designed to promote teacher resilience, taking elements of practice known to foster resilience. We hope you will find this helpful at this time of significant challenge.