Help the child to know themself

Information, advice and resources for teachers and support staff

  • Lancashire EYFS consultants have produced a comprehensive guide to preparing the Early Years setting for children to return. It includes ideas and advice on a wide range of issues including how to set up play activities. There is also a helpful activity plan here.
  • Specialist services in Manchester have produced this Back to School Activity Pack for younger children
  • Washing hands: the NHS has a simple video and picture story that can be used with children

Five Ways to Wellbeing: Connect

Rebecca Wright ([email protected])

Connecting with our friends and family is one of the most important aspects of our lives and maintains our mental health and wellbeing. For young people, connecting with their friends is even more important as peer relationships are key during adolescence. During the current pandemic, the social distancing and self-isolating guidelines mean that young people are not able to see and chat with their friends in and outside of school/college as much as they would like. Feelings of worry, frustrations and anger are normal, as we are no longer able to do the things we like. You are not alone if you are experiencing any of these feelings! I prefer to think of it as physical distancing but maintaining social connections. We are lucky enough to have technology to support our communication and connections, so take a look at suggestions relevant to current circumstances on our web page Practical Resources to Support Children and Young People


This week’s resource is highly recommended: Compassionate transitions: reconnecting school communities

Have a look in particular at Appendix 5:Nurturing principles: reconnection and recovery.

In short, this document provides an educational psychology-informed evidence base to support your planning for the surge in resilience. Your school's educational psychologist will be happy to offer support in translating these principles into practice.