Responsibilities and obligations

Doctors of the World

Doctors of the World have produced information in a range of community languages made accessible using clear graphics and also videos, so that those who may not be able to read in their language can still access core information.

The NHS have also produced videos in a range of languages to explain key routines such as handwashing:

Social media platforms

Sometimes, young people may not have anything to say to their friends, but they just want to share an amusing image. Snap Chat and TikTok are becoming increasingly popular apps. Young people may want to share pulling funny faces or a new dance routine with their friends.

There is supporting guidance in discussing the safe use of these platforms with young people: safety advice for parents (tik tok)

Online communities

Facebook – there are various live streams happening through Facebook Live such as comedy sketches, family quizzes and music concerts. Z arts, a creative arts company based in Hulme are streaming Yoga Live. This can be watched together with friends as a group.

Museum of Science and Industry – explore the museum at home! From stories to videos and games share your experiences with friends and family. The museum focuses on technology, science engineering and medicine.

Gaming - As much as gaming is seen as a distraction for young people, there are some occasions where it can be seen as a positive. Read this blog which discusses how gaming supported a young person’s mental health. There is also information about safeguarding young people online and parental controls here.  

Instagram - young people love listening to music and they may want to participate in an indoor concert with their friends. Chris Martin did a live stream from his home and James Blake performed too.