Help the child understand their place in the world


Children returning to school and those who are still at home are likely to be going through a process of readjustment to life in the time of COVID19. This is not a situation that is over, and much uncertainty remains. Black Asian and Minority Ethnic children may have particular concerns if they feel more vulnerable. They may also have been involved in the recent protests or be part of social media groups and other online groups giving them a new sense of belonging. It will be important for schools to recognise and acknowledge these factors and support children and young people as they develop their sense of identity.

“How to be antiracist” for educators

This is a fabulous set of resources curated this week on the Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Educators website. It includes lesson ideas for teachers of different age groups and a range of resources accessible to all, such as:

How to talk to kids about race and racism

Ideas for diverse children’s books from Embrace Race. Embrace Race is an organisation that “aims to nurture resilience in children of colour”. It is an  American site and has a range of ideas and information about supporting children in the time of COVID19 from a resilience and racial justice perspective.

This interactive poster with links to books and resources about racism.

In this time we must act, educate and be of service to help the fight against racism. Enough is enough.” Filmmaker and Into Film ambassador Cornelius Walker

Into film is an organisation that puts film at the heart of the educational and personal development of children and young people. They have curated a set of films and resources to support the work of schools in talking about racism. We can particularly recommend these resources supporting the film Selma, suitable for secondary aged pupils.

There are renewed calls at this time for greater recognition of the need to decolonise the curriculum. Teachers of children Key Stage 2 and beyond should be prepared for a level of questioning and challenge. The website Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Educators has a wide range of resources by educators for educators, including a range of information about decolonising the curriculum.